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3 Week Workshops

*NOTE TO ALL STUDENTS: Our home studio, IDA Hollywood, is closing for the summer due to a move to a new location in Hollywood. For this reason, all workshops after JUNE 29th 2018 will be canceled till further notice. If you currently have a valid Groupon you are welcome to join our Open Classes in the meantime.  Please email us for more info!

Please check back in FALL 2018 for updates

Want to learn everything there is burlesque? Well here it is! In our 3 week burlesque workshops, you will learn chair tricks, strip tease, choreography, chair dance, floor work,  burlesque technique, costuming and how to perform like a Burlesque Rockstar! Each 90 minute class focuses on different aspects of burlesque, giving you all the essential elements you need to bring out your inner burlesque vixen.


3-week workshop:

In our 3 week workshop, students will focus on burlesque body movement, costuming, character development and getting familiar with using different burlesque props! Price $120 for 3 weeks.





Every few months we offer a new session, one day a week for 3 consecutive weeks. When you sign up, you sign up for the entire three week session. Please make sure that you are available to attend all three classes in the session before you register for a session!




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